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Bicycle maps / Mapas de bicicletas – en español and English for Monterey County, plus other bike maps

The Monterey County Bike Map en español y en inglés is available, free of charge, in both print and online versions. Details below.

For more Monterey County bicycle maps (besides the three in this post)—plus some bike maps for other locations—refer to the 20-section Tips for Bicycling Monterey County guide’s Bicycle Maps section.

TAMC’s Monterey County Bike Map

As 2019 begins, the “Monterey County Bike Map 2016” is the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s most current bike map.

When creating the map, TAMC kept in mind that not everyone is on the Internet. In addition to this Monterey County bike map being available online as a free download on TAMC’s Bike Map page, a free paper map is also available, in a pocket-sized format.

To order a free copy (or multiple copies) of the paper map, either complete TAMC’s Google Docs map order form, or give TAMC a call, (831) 775-4415.


Whether you’re a visitor or a local, TAMC’s Monterey County bike map can help you find bikeways such as this Class I path parallel to Highway 1. The photo below shows this path just south of the Del Monte Shopping Center, heading toward Carmel.


Salinas Bicycle Map

Salinas is the Monterey County seat and its largest city. View the Bicycle Facilities Map for the City of Salinasen español y en inglés.

The City of Salinas Bicycle Facilities Map, in both English and Español   Mapa De Las Instalaciones Para Bicicletas (Esp) (PDF) (12.52 MB).

In addition, refer to a newer maps web page on the city’s redesigned website: with various viewing options.

Bicycling Monterey’s HER Helmet Thursdays Venues Map

Check out the venues map (click here), which features HER Helmet Thursdays Project participants throughout Monterey CountyFor tips on using the HER Helmet Thursdays map, refer to “LISTINGS, Map, How to Get the Discounts, and FAQs about HER Helmet Thursdays.”

You may also be interested in “HER Helmet Thursdays FAQs: Geographic Areas.”

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